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Greetings to all! We are super excited to share with you three new additions to our Firehouse Roastery lineup.

Yirgacheffe Hirut Shallo Natural

The first is an amazing coffee from Ethiopia. This is an Organic Yirgacheffe Hirut Shallo Natural.

This is a traditional natural coffee from the Yirgacheffe woreda in southern Ethiopia, produced by Hirut Shallo on her 5.2-hectare farm. It is certified organic.

The flavor profile is very floral and buttery-smooth with delicate fruit notes of peach, watermelon, and nectarine.

Our roasters found the coffee’s high density to require a good amount of heat in early stages, and recommended a touch additional development time after first crack.

When brewed as a pour-over our team had a hard time making a bad cup. The coffee is easy to dial, and we’re featuring it soon as an espresso, using a starting point of a low yield and slow pull time.

Kenya Muronga Gondo Triple Washed

Number two is from Kenya. Kenya Muronga Gondo Triple Washed.

This is a traditional double-washed coffee from Nyeri, Kenya, produced by smallholders organized around the Rumukia Cooperative Society.

The flavor profile is very sweet and full of ripe fruit tones like plum, blackberry, and lemon, with notes of caramel, black tea, and melon.

Our roasters found this coffee best when roasted with plenty of heat, and emphasize that while it can easily handle the lightest of roasting styles with panache, it’s equally graceful at darker roasts due to its high sweetness.

When brewed, our baristas noted lots of sweet spice and ample body in multiple pour-over iterations, and a “zinger” of an espresso with autumnal flavors that shone beautifully regardless of extraction parameters.

Sumatra Kayu Aro Nusantara Wet Hulled

Our third addition is from Sumatra. Sumatra Kayu Aro Nusantara wet hulled.

This is a traditional wet hulled coffee from Kerinci, on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia produced by smallholder farmers surrounding the Agrotropik Nusantara mill.

The flavor profile is incredibly clean and lively, with notes of kiwi, orange, and lemongrass balanced by caramelly sweetness and cardamom.

Our roasters found the coffee versatile and malleable in the roaster, and generally favored low and slow approaches to Maillard reactions for this low-density bean.

When brewed, we loved various iterations on Kalita Wave pour-over, and found the body agreeable for larger batch brews and sweetness crowd-pleasing as espresso.

We hope you will enjoy these three micro-lots that we feel represent clearly the attributes associated with each origin.

Dana Kern
Firehouse Coffee Roaster



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