USDA Certified Organic

For Health and Our Planet

Firehouse Coffee Roasters is a USDA certified organic coffee roaster wholesaler certified by CCOF. All of our certified organic coffees are grown by farmers who realize the importance of using renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water which ultimately enhances environmental well-being. At Firehouse Coffee Roasters we only deal with 100% certified organic coffees. These coffees are grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. The health of the soil, ground water and of course the farmers are protected.

Certified Organic

It has been said that chemicals used in non-organic coffee plantations will burn off during the roasting process. So why worry about the health risks associated with non-organic products?

At Firehouse Coffee Roasters we believe that supporting our organic farmers is one of the most important objectives we can achieve. The same chemicals that have devastated lakes and streams in coffee producing areas of Central and South America are currently used by farm hands today. They really have no idea of the impact to their health or their children’s health not to mention the environmental impacts to the water tables and wildlife in the region. Lack of proper education regarding these products are a big factor that has been the cause of many cancer related illnesses as well as birth defects.

The use of toxic chemicals is not only hazardous to the workers in the fields but also has a very detrimental effect on the local flora and fauna of the region. Deforestation, soil erosion and habitat loss combined with agricultural chemical pollution create an environment that is absolutely not sustainable.

Organic coffee farming not only encourages sustainability but also regeneration. Farms are fertilized with organic matter only that mimics the natural process of growth and decay. Organic coffee farming encourages beneficial insects and a healthier more resistant crop. When coffees are grown under the shade canopy of trees, water is conserved which decreases the need for irrigation.

We all have the ability to make a difference. Our spending habits as well as our support of organically grown coffee promotes social justice and a healthy global environment. With your purchase of our coffees you support change that starts at the level of the coffee growing communities. Your support does and will benefit the people and the planet for generations to come.

Thank you for supporting Firehouse Coffee Roasters 100% Certified organic coffees. “Our vision is to make available a choice with specialty coffee that empowers people to make an ethical decision supporting organic farming and regenerative environmental practices.”

~ Dana Kern


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