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A retired Laddertruck Captain/Paramedic after 26 years, Dana has always held to the traditional roots of not only the fire service but to the values of family, friends and simply doing the best job possible with specialty coffees. With a commitment to only organic coffee producers, it is our belief that we together can make a difference in the planet and the lives of the farmers. All of our coffees are hand picked specialty selections with emphasis on the cup qualities represented by each origin.

Since 2005, Dana and Karen Kern have provided 100% specialty roasted organic coffees all throughout the southwest. Unlike large commercial scale roasteries, Firehouse has stayed true to its’ roots of roasting on traditional drum roasters in small-batches. Firehouse believes coffee is as much an art as it is a science. Thus, every roast is cupped and analyzed by our roastmaster. This ensures that every delicate note and aroma of a particular coffee origin is expressed. Thank you for supporting our company and standing behind our vision.

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Firehouse Coffee Roastery
Firehouse Coffee Roastery
Firehouse Coffee Roastery
  • USDA Organic

    USDA Organic

    We source only the highest quality 100% organic coffees from the global market. We are certified USDA organic through the CCOF.
  • In Stores Locally

    In Stores Locally

    You can find our coffee in many local establishments such as Whole Foods, Costco, Natural Grocers, Sams Club, AJ's Fine Foods and more.
  • Purchase Online

    Purchase Online

    Explore the variety of coffees we provide directly from our website. Make your order online and enjoy free shipping straight to your door.
  • Contract Roasting

    Contract Roasting

    Contact us today to learn more about our contract roasting opportunities. Our Coffee, Your Label, Your Sale.
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Our Commitment To Organic

As a specialty coffee provider, our commitment to roasting 100% organic coffees represents the core of our values . Your purchase of an organic coffee has effects that stem far beyond the health benefits inherent of an organic product. In fact, your purchase contributes towards maintaining healthy ground water & toxin free soils for farmers and their families. Plants & animals indigenous to organic coffee farms also benefit by avoiding hormones and pesticides that often prove detrimental to the local habitat. We sincerely thank you for supporting organic farming through your connection to Firehouse Coffee Roasters. – Dana & Karen

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